The Cold Side is where fermentation and cellaring occurs and is critical to the final quality of your beer.

Our fermenters and brite tanks are manufactured from 304 food grade stainless steel allowing for consistency and quality of your beer. Our complete line of tanks including fermentation tanks and brite beer tanks offer standard features that aren’t evident to the untrained eye, but are integral to your brewing activities and finished beer.

Fermentation Tanks – The standard features include 60-degree conical bottoms and carbonation ports that allow your fermentation tank to be used as a Unitank.

Our fermentation tanks are always engineered with precision-welded and baffled glycol cooling jackets wrapped by insulation and outer tank shell. These Jacketed and Insulated (J/I) tanks have integrated turbulent baffles that eliminate temperature channeling of the glycol fluid, which increases efficiency while reducing operating and maintenance costs. Every glycol jacket is pressure tested to 10X operating pressure, so you are assured of integrity in every tank we produce.

Our brite tanks are either Single Wall tanks (S/W), meaning not Jacketed and Insulated, or our brite tanks are Jacketed and Insulated (J/I) depending on if the tanks will be stored in a temperature-controlled room.

Standard sizes include:
Brite Tank J/I 3.5
Brite Tank J/I 5
Brite Tank J/I 7
Brite Tank J/I 10
Brite Tank J/I 15
Brite Tank J/I 20
Brite Tank J/I 30
Brite Tank J/I 40
Brite Tank J/I 60
Brite Tank J/I 90
Brite Tank J/I 120
Brite Tank S/W 3.5
Brite Tank S/W 5
Brite Tank S/W 7
Brite Tank S/W 10
Brite Tank S/W 15
Brite Tank S/W 20
Brite Tank S/W 30
Brite Tank S/W 40

Standard sizes include:
Fermentation Tank 3.5
Fermentation Tank 5
Fermentation Tank 7
Fermentation Tank 10
Fermentation Tank 15
Fermentation Tank 20
Fermentation Tank 30
Fermentation Tank 40
Fermentation Tank 60
Fermentation Tank 90
Fermentation Tank 120