Bru Gear has other equipment that you need to round out your Brewery, we design and fabricate a significant number of our equipment ourselves, however, sometimes it makes more sense to partner with industry leaders in their segments to ensure our Brewers have access to the best out there, no point reinventing the Wheel (Or glycol chiller !)

Brewery Fittings

Bru Gear can supply all of the popular tri clover fittings for your brewery, from clamps and gaskets to sight glasses and numerous valves

Brewery Hoses

Bru Gear manufacturers inhouse our stainless steel hose collars, designed to deliver the best performance in a brewery hose, you no longer need to double band to feel good about your hose under pressure.

Bru Gear can supply the collar fittings for your hoses or can supply pre-crimped brewery hose to meet your needs.

Bru Gear has partners with the following industry leaders: